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Due to the impending increase in postal charge which will see an increase from 72 cent to €1 on a standard letter as of 13th April 2017, Lambe’s Oil wish to inform you that all invoices and monthly statements from May 2017 onward will be delivered via email.

To ensure that the correct department / person receives the invoices / statements, please complete the form below to request this change.

Why change to email invoices / statements?

  • Ease of Communication – both between you the customer and Lambe’s Oil should you have any queries in relation to your account
  • Convenient – never lose a copy of an invoice / statement again as you will always be able to track / view in your email
  • Instant – no delays in receiving via post as emails are received instantly
  • Confidential – email is delivered to the correct person / department

Monthly Statements

Email Monthly Statements
  • You will find this on a previous statement.
  • Email Address Statements are to be sent to
  • The name of the person who request the above changes.
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